Burning Man Visualization

6 September 2016

The Center for Statistics and Visualization at the University of Denver is pleased to announce the launch of our Burning Man Visualization. Using survey data from Burning Man attendees in 2012, the visualization allows you to explore an interactive map of Black Rock City, shaded by either reported income or age range.

Clicking on any map segment allows you to explore a range of demographic data for the segment, including:

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Marital status
  • First year at Burning Man?
  • Country of residence
  • Education level
  • Spirituality
  • Political affiliation

d3.js powers the visualization and interactive components.


Project Personnel

Project Lead / Developer – Joseph Ryan, Head, Center for Statistics and Visualization

Lead Developer / Designer – Rich Path, Multimedia Developer, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Denver

Research Lead, Burning Man / Project Owner – Kateri McRae, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Denver