Please note: drop-in office hours have been moved to 203B Aspen Hall North. The last office hours of 2015 would have been 12/15/15, but are canceled on account of the snow. Office hours will resume 1/12/16.

Whether you want a quick consultation, or a longer collaboration, the Center for Statistics and Visualization is here to meet your needs. We are happy to help with

  • Grant proposals
  • Research and experimental design, including power
  • Paper revisions and responses
  • Statistical Methodology
    • ANOVA and Linear Regression
    • Hierarchical Models
    • Generalized Linear Models such as logistic regression
    • Categorical Analysis
    • Multivariate Methods
    • Bayesian Analysis
    • Time Series
    • Spatial Statistics
    • and more
  • Statistical Computing

To get started,  contact Cathy to set up an introductory meeting. In your email, please let us know if you anticipate doing the analysis yourself, or if the center will be doing the analysis. Please be sure to check our Guidelines for more information about what to expect and how to prepare.