The Center is pleased to provide access to premiere information visualization hardware to the DU community. The Center’s hardware supports its mission to advance campus excellence in statistics and information visualization.

4K Display

The Center just acquired an 84″ display that supports 4K resolution. 4K resolution is four times the resolution of a standard HD display (3840 x 2160 vs 1920 x 1080), enabling display of a quantity and density of data unavailable in any other context. The 4K Display has a dedicated Windows workstation attached to it, enabling rapid prototyping of large-format visualizations.

Prysm Display Wall

Need to make an impression? The Prysm wall can do just that. Its laser phosphor technology and impressive size (100 inches wide by 60 inches tall), combined with wireless connectivity of up to 5 different computers, tablets, or smartphones, enables the Center to provide a collaborative visualization and analytic environment unlike anything¬†you’ve ever seen before.