The Center provides two main visualization services to the DU community: consulting and implementation.


Have some data that you’re not sure how to visualize? Do you need to speak or publish about your research work and are looking for a way to help your data sparkle? We’re here to help. Email Joe to set up and appointment and we can talk through your data, what venue(s) you are preparing for, and what visualization styles may be most appropriate.


Have the data but do not have the expertise to generate visualizations on your own? You’ve come to the right place. The Center builds interactive information visualizations for on-campus researchers. We are familiar with a number of visualization toolkits, but we focus on web-based systems to maximize the communicative powers of visualization. Our favorite framework is d3.js. Check out some examples of what you can do with d3. The Center has the capabilities to develop and host fully interactive visualizations using d3. If you’re interested, email us today!